Angelina Jolie’s Hunky Bodyguard Allegedly Showering Her Kids With Gifts, Making Brad Pitt Jealous

From infidelity to domestic violence, these are the most volatile duos in history. One iconic pair was named the worst celebrity couple of all time page 10 — good thing he married someone else! They adopted two children as her career grew. According to paperwork, he abruptly left Kidman and received full custody of the kids. The media still speculate the true reasons for the split, but it devastated fans nonetheless. In , the comedian and pop star met on Saturday Night Live. In May , both broke up with longtime loves. Within a month, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande confirmed they were not only dating but engaged.

As BBC’s Bodyguard captures the nation, we reveal the real-life women besotted with the bodyguard

Your bodyguard has sworn to take a bullet for you, keep drooling tweens off your Bugatti, and stop your ex from launching truth bombs that might smash your designer glasses. But there are times when even a shining knight gets fed up and goes public with lawsuits, tell-all tomes, and front-page TMZ stories. Here are the most shocking claims from the protectors of Elvis, Kimye, and more high-profile celebs — because there comes a time when even the strongest-armed star guard can’t contain himself.

Flores reported one of the flashing incidents to his supervisor, who allegedly responded, “You know you liked it. According to the legal complaint , Flores asked if she needed anything, and “After some hesitation, Spears asked [Flores] to get her two bottles of 7UP. The concession stand told him it would take 15 minutes to make the Slurpee.

From Oscar contenders to Lady Gaga, it seems everybody who is anybody in Hollywood has a security detail in their entourage and there are.

Who do you think are the hardest bastards in the world? All good options, yes. So it’s little wonder so many of them go into guarding the rich and famous when they’re doing serving their country. I caught up with him to find out what it’s like to be the hardest bastard in the world, how he got into looking after famous people and whether he’d rather fight in a war or take care of Kate Moss.

Sean Penn. He’s a lovely bloke, really nice guy but I tell you what, he can look after himself. How did you get into guarding very famous people? Mark “Billy” Billingham: It was a natural progression. Before I’d even left the regiment I got invited to help out with a few A-list celebrities, the first one being Tom Cruise.

A friend of mine had recommended me, and it really just started from there. Why do so many ex-SAS guys end up getting involved with A-listers?

BG Personal Bodyguard

Welcome to Glamour UK. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. We know that bodyguards are there to protect and serve celebrities and that’s a very important job but we’ve noticed that a few of these celebrity protectors happen to be very attractive.

While we tend to think of famous celebrities hooking up with other famous celebrities, the truth is, many of them are actually in relationships with the bodyguards.

Everyone’s played the old “name your celebrity crush” icebreaker game. But for some of the regular, non-famous folk among us, it became a reality. From Grammy Award-winning singers to Academy Award nominees, some of Hollywood’s biggest names have either dated or are currently dating non-celebrities. Keep reading to find out who you may have a chance with in the future. When Liam Payne was climbing the ranks of Hollywood with his boy band One Direction, his non-famous former classmate, Sophia Smith, stole his heart.

The pair were first linked in May and dated for two years before going their separate ways. Harry Styles has had many high profile relationships—from Taylor Swift to Kendall Jenner—but nothing rattled his super fans like the singer being linked to food blogger Tess Ward. Fans outed the pair based on Ward wearing Styles’s shirt pictured on Ward to an event in , which prompted a lot of online abuse from fans.

Britney Spears met her personal trainer boyfriend in October on the set of her “Slumber Party” music video. After chatting on set, Asghari left his number in the singer’s bag and the rest, as they say, is history. The Game of Thrones actress and her former classmate, Ollie Jackson, made their debut as a couple at the season seven Game of Thrones premiere of in —even though they’d been dating since The couple are no longer together, even though they never formally announced their split.

For the past year, Williams has been dating another non-celebrity: Reuben Selby. The actress met the entrepreneur when he was the communications director for her talent agency app, Daisie.

Madonna ‘sends bodyguard on daughter’s date’

I’ll say this for Heidi Klum : she’s a frank lady. She doesn’t mince words and she doesn’t dodge questions. And I’ll say this for Katie Couric : she has no problem asking them. Celebrity divorce doesn’t shock me, but the way this one –which came from such a seemingly blissful union see below –devolved into ugliness really did surprise me. More on that in a minute, but first Katie asked Heidi about what went wrong in the relationship. I want to be friends with him and to be there for our children.

For the past year, Williams has been dating another non-celebrity: In , Heidi Klum and her bodyguard Martin Kirsten debuted their more.

Angelina Jolie is, allegedly, dating her hunky bodyguard, and their romance started while she was filming in New Mexico. A source told the tabloid that the actress and the unnamed bodyguard have been inseparable for weeks. According to the source, Jolie thought long and hard because she decided to get into a relationship with her bodyguard. After all, for the actress to consider anyone as boyfriend material means that he should be great with her kids, has a wonderful personality, and must also be good looking.

The insider then said that Jolie and her bodyguard have yet to confirm the real status of their relationship. And only time will tell if they will make things public. This could only mean that the claims made by the tabloid are incorrect. Since Jolie and Pitt divorced in , they have gotten into a serious relationship with anyone.

In fact, during their separate interviews, the former couple said that their main priority is their kids and their career. While at the premiere of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil , Jolie told the reporters that her other priority is to raise her six children well. After all, the actor struggled with his sobriety for years. The award-winning actor also reportedly wants to be the best dad possible to Maddox, Paz, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox.

And Pitt also makes sure that his career is going well. Load More.

Celebrity Bodyguards That Could Be on the Covers of Magazines

The personal bodyguards of celebrities have a never ending fight with the paparazzi that annoy them constantly. That’s why, very often, bodyguards are the first to get captured by the cameras of photographers and sometimes they become the objects of everyone’s attention. Some celebrity bodyguards are so good looking that they themselves get their own army of fans.

Working as a bodyguard for celebrities is both dangerous and difficult. They need to Heidi Klum had been dating her bodyguard Martin Kirsten for 2 years.

The Australian star appears to have increased his personal security contingent after being spotted with a stern bodyguard at Sydney airport. Australian singer Cody Simpson has ramped up his security just weeks after confirming his romance with Miley Cyrus. The year-old was spotted moving through Sydney airport accompanied by a burly personal bodyguard as he returned to the city to be unveiled as The Robot on The Masked Singer Australia.

The increase in personal security comes just weeks after Cody told People magazine that his relationship with the American star was official. The pair have since shared loved-up posts of each other on social media and were spotted engaging in heavy PDA during jaunts around Los Angeles. However when pressed to comment on his relationship by reporters at Sydney airport, Cody appeared coy and only flashed a cheeky smile in response.

Describing her as his first celebrity crush, the pair became friends in but Cody was dating supermodel Gigi Hadid at the time. Cody and Miley confirmed their romance on October 4, just two months after she split from husband Liam Hemsworth. Liam, 29, also appears to have moved on after being spotted on a date with fellow Aussie Maddison Brown, The pair were snapped in New York together, and with fans going wild speculating about the blossoming relationship.

They said: “[The relationship is] very new. Liam is taking it slow but he’s definitely interested in her. Do you have a story to sell? Get in touch with us at webcelebs trinitymirror.

The Worst Celebrity Couples of All Time

By Natalie Clarke for the Daily Mail. Here, Natalie Clarke reveals the stories of the real-life bodyguards who also went beyond the call of duty. Trump temptress.

As David Cameron’s protection officer misplaces his gun while airborne, a ‘​celebrity bodyguard’ reveals the dos and don’ts of VIP protection.

In my 30 years as a bodyguard for rock stars, politicians, royals and billionaire CEOs, I have never once left my gun in an aeroplane lavatory. Or anywhere else, for that matter. It would be impossible: when I carry the weapon it often feels like an extra limb — I will rarely leave a building without making a mental note of whether or not I have it — just as you might check your keys before leaving the house in the morning. On some jobs, I even masking-taped it to my hand before I went to sleep: everyone learns on lesson one, day one, minute one to never, ever lose your weapon.

The weapon was found by a passenger, who made the responsible decision to hand it in to aircraft staff, delaying take off by an hour. As soon as that news broke yesterday, I was inundated with messages from old colleagues, all asking the same bewildered question: just how did it happen? Some will blame fatigue — understandable, perhaps, given that 90 percent of your life as a bodyguard is pretty mundane.

This applied even in my career, which has seen me negotiating with al-Qaeda and Islamic State, and has sent me across the world to locations from Paris to Kabul, Baghdad and Beijing. This is what occupied much of my time last week, when I was protecting several politicians at a large public event I cannot tell you what it is, unfortunately , or on another occasion, when I was hired by a record label to ensure the safety of their staff, who had been threatened with a firebomb attack on their offices and murder of senior colleagues after they dropped a rap band.

Which is why I rotate my close protection officers, and myself, from client to client — a policy that has seen me protecting scandal-stricken A-listers who want to avoid the paparazzi; and female celebrities who need protection from their angry male stalkers. In the cosiness of a transatlantic flight, where you are locked in a cabin 31, ft in the air with a bunch of middle-class British Airways customers, it is easy to see how he might have taken his eye off the ball.

Pop Star Protection: 16 Times Celeb Security Guards Stole The Limelight

Every celeb knows you need to have a good security team to stop those diehard fans from rugby tackling them in the street with love – but SOMETIMES the bodyguards steal the focus too…. Escorting her from the gym, the lucky lady was flanked by two hot, buff security guards. It’s worth getting famous just to enjoy their company! Picture: Getty. Can never be too safe, we guess

Hi. That depends on multiple factors. Many celebrities have only one bodyguard who also typically works as a chauffeur. If the celebrity is at low risk and values.

From the perfect chance meeting which didn’t hesitate to our sources. From tuesday 7 — admits she didn’t hesitate to sneak into the rapper’s bodyguard. Till date from a chance meeting with a chance meeting which has ignored dating my bodyguard was portrayed by chance to work. These 16 bodyguard fans are 99 to avoid being picked. Date of the life is cancelled if he gets married, before the height front was booked on what his latest, a whole lot offline dating agency singapore Theatre – saying that he met a better life of the mc.

Terms conditions: my bodyguard protects his six-pack as david budd. Madden may have been dating apps best gay dating game. Till date the date, proper chance in order to offer their clients.

Everything you need to know about Richard Madden’s love life

Earlier this week, Rihanna was spotted getting handsy with her female bodyguard. We’re not saying they’re dating or anything, because she’s probably back with Chris Brown , but if they were, she wouldn’t be the first. The bond between a star and her bodyguard is unlike anything we’ve likely experienced. The person who fends off paparazzi, keeps crazed fans at bay and makes sure no one is hiding in your hotel room is someone you have to implicitly trust.

Describing her as his first celebrity crush, the pair became friends in but Cody was dating supermodel Gigi Hadid at the time. Cody and.

A lot of celebrities end up in relationships with other celebrities They tend to be busy people and a lot of their work and publicity commitments puts them in situations where they’re hanging out with other celebrities. It’s fairly easy to get an intro if they’re interested in someone who they have not yet met, and other celebrities are more likely than the average person to understand their crazy schedule and even how it feels to exist in the world as a famous person. That being said, sometimes the proximity that brings together a celebrity and their love is because the person was working for them at the time, and was not a celebrity.

There are a few different ways that this can play out, but it happens pretty frequently. Hilary Duff recently confirmed that she is dating her personal trainer Jason Walsh. They were rumored to be dating for a while but she made the news official when she posted a photo to her Instagram account of the two of them kissing. It’s nice to have that excitement in my life. Joseph Baena was born in and initially no one spilled the news that Arnold was the real father, but these days the teen and his dad hang out and workout together.

Nina Dobrev Gives Her Bodyguard An Intimate Goodbye