12th grader dating a 8th grader?

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Yes, trust me. When I was in 8th grade, I dated two freshmen no, not at once. Anythings possible, really. If two people feel strong feelings towards someone, it can’t be helped. I am 12 years old and I am really good friends with this 15 year old.

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Im the girl and i’m in 8th grade. Do you think its weird if an 8th grader and a 7th grader date? Nobody gave us crap, but it didn’t last. But you know, the heart wants what the heart wants. If you love him, then all else fails. If he’s who you want, then date him.

Is it weird for an 8th grade girl to date a 7th grade guy? Does that make me a pedo?

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do they think they are too good for the 8th graders? & what if the guy is 2 years older than the girl? ages group () (: thx.

My little sister is going to be a sixth grader this school year and she has been going to some jumpstart thing where she met a boy who is a eighth grader they started dating.. And I know if I should be worried or not.. I mean it’s my baby sister and this guy seems more matuure. I really don’t know how to word it. Just should I be worried or not??? But if you tell your sister this, that will probably motivate her to stay with him anyway, so I suggest you just keep an eye on her.

8th grader dating 6th grader?

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Hello. My little sister is going to be a sixth grader this school year and she has been going to some jumpstart thing where she met a boy who is a eighth grader.

OK so I and my friend are in 8th grade. She and this guy were texting he is in 10th grade she said she was to.. But she set up a date with him to go to the movies and he asked if one of her friends could go to she told him I would and he said how old is she 10th grade i am 14 though. Well his friend is 10th grade and I am supposed to be with him we are meeting them Friday and they think we are in 10th grade but most people think I am in 10th grade when they see me.

My friend looks 13 but I don’t know what to do I mean I have been talking to him for a while we have like everything in common pretty much in common. Do you think it’s weird and do you think they will think we look to young?

Can an 8th grade guy date a 7th grade girl?

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Should a sophomore date a 8th grader?

I’m an 8th grader dating a 7th grader. Ok, im not tall but my girl’s pretty short and her being a grade lower than me makes her naturally shy around me. I mean we have convos and we’ve kissed and stuff but I am the one who has to initiate everything. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being in charge of the relationship but how can i get her to be really comfortable around me. I want her to able to talk to me openly and stuff like that.

Please don’t give me stuff about age or real relationships or anything like that.

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I’m a sophomore at my school and there is a new 8th grade boy that just came this year. Middle and high school are combined at my school so we see each other a lot in the halls and at lunch. He is seriously one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. He’s a devoted Christian, smart, great baseball player, and not to mention freaking adorable. He’s never had a girlfriend and I’ve never had a boyfriend, so we’re on the same level lol.

I don’t think girls are into him because he’s really shy. I’ve just caught him staring at me sometimes, and the first day of school we made eye contact through a window and just looked at each other for like a straight minute I just feel like it’s kind of weird if we start “talking” or dating. I’ve always assumed the guy should be older than the girl, or at least the same age.

Is it ok for an 8th grader date a 11th grader?

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This year was my year I have had the best luck. I got to the state spelling bee and I got the sweetest girlfriend. I’m an 8th grade boy, and She is.

Is that too much of an age difference? Actually, is not that much difference. If both of you love each other, you shouldn’t care! In love, age doesn’t matter. My best friend was in 8th grade when she had an 11th grader boyfriend! They were together for almost a year and they were extremely happy. They didn’t have sex, of course. You shouldn’t push her for things like that But good luck with her, I’m sure you’re going to be happy. This is an awfullllllllll idea.

The maturity difference between 11th and 8th grade is HUGE. Sit her down and talk to her in a loving manner. Especially if this guy has a reputation.

Can an 11th grader date an 8th grader?

Hi, I’m an 8th grade boy who needs some help. There’s this girl that really obviously likes me. She’s not that hot at all although she’s not ugly , but I know her pretty well and she’s smart, funny and nice. I’m not super popular myself, right in the middle, and I’ve never had a girlfriend. Should I ask her out, talk to her friends, wait for her to ask me out, what? Any help would be much appreciated.

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